DMI seeks out opportunities with products and companies to develop winning innovations. We are located in NJ with facilities in Asia.  We have spent decades developing, producing and launching consumer products and it is these consumer products that have been our passion.


The success of our broad based factories, product design and development process reflects our staff’s knowledge and experience in industrial design, mechanical engineering, marketing, operations and business execution skills. A combination of talent inspires unique solutions to complex problems.


Clients and Companies view us as their adjunct staff and collaborate with us to ensure that every new product idea is successfully executed at every step – from concept to production to marketplace – bringing products to market quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.


We focus on creating new and better product features essential to differentiating our clients’ and companies products in today’s competitive marketplace.


Our continued success is driven by an untiring commitment and deep immersion into every project and company. We routinely question, observe, and analyze in order to recognize any unforeseen needs and then develop the best solution. Our commitment to design innovation, sound engineering, and real world manufacturability are ideals that we live by.