Fragrance and Perfume Contract Manufacturing Services


perfume bottle manufactuerersFragrance manufacturers DMI Holdings currently has eight fragrance manufacturing lines producing perfumes and colognes for the CPG industry. We are one of the top cologne & perfume contract manufacturers, supplying outsourced production, bottling, and packaging services.
Our goal is to provide the best quality production service for perfumes, cologne, and other fragrance related home products. We adhere to our partner’s product quality standards and provide the best solutions in the industry. Our custom solutions improve our partner’s brand value. We build relationships that last.

Caps, Sleeves, Metal shells, Collars, Glass, Blow Molded Bottles.

Plastic Canisters, Aluminum Canisters, Tin boxes, Molded Plastic Cases

Turnkey – Fragrance

DMI has the ability to take the logistic and financial burden away from its customers and offer complete turnkey items.

Products and services for all types of packaging in fragrances, perfume and cosmetics.
Engineering solutions by a custom premier packaging company

Why Choose Us?

DMI Holdings has a proven track record of being a great solution provider, reducing costs and increasing profits for our clients. Our efficient production lines provide capabilities for all types of consumer product goods. We deliver perfume and cologne aerosol products on a large scale for many companies, making fragrance contract manufacturing extremely cost effective.

DMI has direct relationships and agreements with affiliated glass (perfume bottles) and cap manufactures to make custom packages.

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