Technology and Development

Many factors enter into Technology Partners’ development decision, but three critical ingredients must be present:

  • Passionate and pragmatic people with whom we can build productive partnerships
  • Large market opportunities with a clear customer need
  • Unique and defensible technology that provides competitive positioning to secure

It takes vision and vigilance to bring something new to market. It can be a manufacturing process, component, brand, patented product or unique formulation that makes changes in the consumer market. These are the innovations that make products and companies better.

We work with entrepreneurs and seasoned corporate individuals who in turn, become long-term colleagues that share our passion for complex and creative work. Finding Ideas and integrating them with our close knit engineering teams in the USA & Asia work in tandem with management and marketing to launch new products.

Our Scientists have decades of experience with pharmaceutical and HBA products in research and development. They have over thirty-five approved patents. We work with the best Fragrance and perfume manufactures in the world. Our component manufactures are established and make product for some of the largest companies in the USA.